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This short post will walk through simple steps to download udemy videos which are not download-able from the website. Most of the paid udemy courses as well as some free courses are unavailable to download at . I personally have around 200 courses in my account. Now most of these courses were not available for download. Fortunately I found a python script on the internet which solved my problem easily.

I introduce you all to udemydl which is a python script.

Using udemydl to download courses from Udemy account

1. I assume you have python installed in your device. If you are running on a Linux environment then python is pre-installed.

2. If you don’t have pip installer for installing python packages, have it installed via following command.

sudo apt-get install pip

3. Now that you have pip installed type the following command the python script that enables the download of udemy courses.

sudo pip install udemy-dl

4. Below is the command to download the udemy course. You will need the url of the course.


5. Next you will be asked for username and password of your udemy account.

Well that’s all you need to download a course from your udemy account.

Alternatively you can use the following command to download the course by passing username and password at the same time as parameters. Below is the command.

Udemy-dl -p password

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