Name exoplanets – Nominate and vote for exoplanet’s name

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The emensly dense galaxy we live in has been a subject of interest amongst every skyviewers and space event followers. Estimates and research conclude that nearly 160 billion planets orbit stars in the milky way galaxy. These are called exoplanets. The high population of planets astronomers have discovered till date is all due to their daring work and dedication. This directly reflects the clean and bold effort the space associations around the world have put forward. These exoplanets are seeking some suitable name to be entitled to themselves. And the astronomers are seeking your help in positioning appropriate name to these exoplanets. Continue Reading

writefull – Enhance your writings

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Bloggers, professional writers, authors, reporters, editors or even dormant writer, if you represent anyone amongst those mentioned above then you are a boon to the human civilization. Your writings withstand the celestial power to inspire, enlighten and energize the wide spread population of readers. The primary priority for any writer is to write in a way their readers can understand, interpret and visualize. Writing is like a flood of river where your words defines its velocity and your imagination and knowledge discover new paths. Fact be printed onto the monitor, for a writer to write in a professional way is a tiresome job. Most often it is the case that we strike Google to find appropriate synonyms and usable phrase and sit back to write. By the time we find some interesting word to adjust into our article the writing mode of our brain manages to find the sky above our head. It’s annoying, isn’t it? Continue Reading

quickly python tutorial – Working with GUI

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In this post I will try to touch upon fundamentals of GUI while developing a traditional rock paper scissors game. This one solely goes for the ubuntu system users. Some prior experience with python or any programming language would be helpful. I will be using quickly, an ubuntu app development command line tool for this. If you have not got one, get it from the ubuntu software center. Strike “quickly” on your typing machine while the cursor blinks on the search bar of the ubuntu software center to get it. Get it installed.
You’ ll need one additonal gui builder for this. Glade Continue Reading

Baghdurbar – The Tiger Palace

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Bagh Durbar – The Tiger Palace

The Baghdurbar (also known as Bag Durbar or Hari Bhawan) is situated at Sundhara, the core of Kathmandu city, 150m southeast of Dharahara. It is an important historical monument regarding Nepali politics as it has been a witness to a number of treacherous events most of which are violent. The building had been a home to many powerful names in the political history of Nepal, including those of Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa, Prime Minister Mathvarsingh Thapa and General Hari Shumsher JBR. Continue Reading

internapply – Internships in Kathmandu

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Plunging into the web based application development which is vigorously extending its supremacy in the Nepalese techno industry, it would be a great pleasure to spread the name “internapply”. Similar to “I am Kathmandu”(which I have covered in the previous post), intern apply is a data location comforting reliable data regarding intern opportunities available at least in Kathmandu valley and cities around. A wise start and promisingly beneficial platform to the students seeking intern opportunities while a perfect area to hire a qualified intern to the business firms. Continue Reading

I am Kathmandu – Discover Kathmandu

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I am Kathmandu. Attractions, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, casinos, cinema halls and much more in a single web application that managed to conquer the first sentence of my article. Yes, I am Kathmandu may be defined as a data center as it administers the veracious information of the above mentioned topics. Kathmandu, the heart of Nepal (capital city) itself is an open museum. I must admit, it is always the case that we tend to spend some best part of our brain to figure out the best café and bars and end up being disappointed. Thanks to the developers of ‘I am Kathmandu’ for walking that extra mile and pressuring the browser to display a wide range of bars and cafes, casinos and cinema halls, places of attraction, restaurants and even more. Continue Reading

hola unblocker – Hola Unblocker for google chrome and mozilla firefox

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Hola Better Internet

A scenario in absence of hola internet unblocker is presented here. Surfing internet may be a waste of time if you are not able to make most out of it. Here ‘most out of it’ refers to supremacy over all of the websites published till date. Most often we happen to encounter that some sites (for example Netflix) are unauthorized to run in some region or countries. Gone are those days to follow the instructions and find best alternative site against the one that clicked your like. At this point of time, internet has become a vast planet to explore from. But sometimes things may be close enough to vision it but much farther to get it. Phrase like this makes sense when the requested url prints out some messages like ‘not available in your country yet’ or ‘unauthorized’ onto your screen instead of loading the content of the site. Continue Reading

Beware, scammers in your inbox

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An unknown email lands into your inbox with some fascinating deals. Fascinating because these kinds of electronic mails involves surprisingly high amount of money deals. These emails seduce you to bounce your fingertips onto the typing machine to let the reply fly back with no waste of time. Ever encountered this situation? Feeling lucky to receive the mail? Let me spoil the whole thing. The mail that earned your attention had dozens of BCCs. Blind Carbon Copy would be an appropriate option for the mailer to drive your attention-filled mail to his account. The contents of the email mostly start with a sad and convincing story explaining they were seeking your help. If you respond to the mail showing sharp attention, you would be asked for your location, bank account number plus some additional information. They would want to transfer a huge amount of money to your personal account and guide you to transfer 90% of the sum to some other account or through IMEs and reward you with the remaining 10%. A convincing deal, isn’t it? Easy money. Continue Reading