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TunnelBear for Windows, Mac & Linux – Best paid and free VPN application

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US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Netherlands. Your country may be the next one they’re migrating to. “The Bears”, they’re everywhere. By the end of this read you’ll have a reliable application, providing VPN service with active set of engineers willing to take complaints/feedbacks and generate solution superfast. As soon as you begin tunneling (using TunnelBear) you acquire the hegemony over the internet. TunnelBear is an absolute gift for those people with privacy concerns. In fact to each one of us, privacy is the priority at least at this date. I don’t want my information to go viral, find some company and generate money for them. Some of the services on the go available on the internet are literally selling user’s information. TunnelBear is the application I rely on and recommend my readers for secure browsing with minimal connection issues. Using TunnelBear you are capable of accessing webpages from anywhere around the globle. Continue Reading

Grab alexa rank and write to google spreadsheet using python

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How to grab alexa rank using python?

By the end of this read you will be able to extract alexa rank and write it to a google spreadsheet programmatically. This can be helpful for seo experts as they have to constantly analyze the alexa ranking and submit it to his/her boss in a regular basis or for personal reference. Some times you have a huge number of websites to take care of, especially when your main expertise is search engine optimization. Going to alexa’s website and writing ranks for each website is a cumbersome task to deal with. The code provided below is in python programming language. Executing the code with valid gmail id, password, spreadsheet id, worksheet id associated with the spreadsheet you want to work with will append website link and current alexa rank with date to the spreadsheet. Don’t worry about spreadsheet id and worksheet id, I will let you know on how to get these items. Continue Reading

History Trends – Detailed statistics of chrome browsing history

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Chrome History Trends Unlimited

Statistics is boring, at least for me. Despite the cumbersome formulas of statistics and their implementations, the results seems to be beautiful. May be it is the color of the pie diagrams and graphs but the result of the tough statistical computation of raw data is eye catching for everyone. Sometimes I wish that browsers would print some pictorial representation of my browsing history and keep log of it. I never knew my wish existed until I met History Trends. Introducing a user friendly history keeper which earns different important functionalities, history trends is a light weight application which doesn’t depend upon chrome’s browsing history to inhale the data because the browsing history is safely imported to the extension and exhales it in the form of pictures and sensible conclusions. Continue Reading