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An unknown email lands into your inbox with some fascinating deals. Fascinating because these kinds of electronic mails involves surprisingly high amount of money deals. These emails seduce you to bounce your fingertips onto the typing machine to let the reply fly back with no waste of time. Ever encountered this situation? Feeling lucky to receive the mail? Let me spoil the whole thing. The mail that earned your attention had dozens of BCCs. Blind Carbon Copy would be an appropriate option for the mailer to drive your attention-filled mail to his account. The contents of the email mostly start with a sad and convincing story explaining they were seeking your help. If you respond to the mail showing sharp attention, you would be asked for your location, bank account number plus some additional information. They would want to transfer a huge amount of money to your personal account and guide you to transfer 90% of the sum to some other account or through IMEs and reward you with the remaining 10%. A convincing deal, isn’t it? Easy money.

Risky this might lead to be in most of the cases. You might find yourself jailed inside cop’s work station some days after you dealt with the anonymous mailer. The crime you were jailed for might be something like this “accused of stealing money from someone else’s account”. Let’s go back and find what just happened. The anonymous mailer was a professional smart hacker who had access to someone else’s account using his evil computing skills. Withdrawing money directly would be a tough task as he/she would be exposed to the camera and records of the banks. Therefore he/she used his/her sense of social engineering to lure some innocent social animal and fooled him/her like a small puppy leaving him/her no option other than to be jailed. In the above mess you were the one that collected the money from an anonymous account. The original fraud might possibly be enjoying sun bath in ocean beach resting his butt in one of the most expensive hotels in the planet while you might be suffering cold adjusting yourself in some dark cold cop’s station. The evidence would be completely against you because the bank’s system would point you as the fraud leaving you no clue of what to do next.

The amount of fine announced against you would be a large positive integer times the reward of you were left with. Whenever a surprise mail knocks your inbox be careful about the mess that would create. Be smart, be safe from these scammers. Analyze well before you jump into some promisingly attractive deals landing inside your inbox.

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