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Singha Durbar

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Singha Durbar – The Lion Palace

On Wednesday Asar 10, 1957 B.S., Chandra Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana came to the throne. As soon as he came to the power he realized the importance of a palace. He wanted to build a private residence so he bought a land at the rate of Rs. 90 per 350 ropenis. He started the construction work. At first, he wanted to build the palace for his residence only but on the process of construction it became a magnificent and lavish palace. This magnificent palace, a neo-classical architectural typical style of the 19th century was designed and built by the engineering duo Kumar Narasingh Rana and Kishor Narasingh Rana in 1903 AD. Continue Reading

Baghdurbar – The Tiger Palace

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Bagh Durbar – The Tiger Palace

The Baghdurbar (also known as Bag Durbar or Hari Bhawan) is situated at Sundhara, the core of Kathmandu city, 150m southeast of Dharahara. It is an important historical monument regarding Nepali politics as it has been a witness to a number of treacherous events most of which are violent. The building had been a home to many powerful names in the political history of Nepal, including those of Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa, Prime Minister Mathvarsingh Thapa and General Hari Shumsher JBR. Continue Reading