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Chrome History Trends Unlimited

Statistics is boring, at least for me. Despite the cumbersome formulas of statistics and their implementations, the results seems to be beautiful. May be it is the color of the pie diagrams and graphs but the result of the tough statistical computation of raw data is eye catching for everyone. Sometimes I wish that browsers would print some pictorial representation of my browsing history and keep log of it. I never knew my wish existed until I met History Trends. Introducing a user friendly history keeper which earns different important functionalities, history trends is a light weight application which doesn’t depend upon chrome’s browsing history to inhale the data because the browsing history is safely imported to the extension and exhales it in the form of pictures and sensible conclusions. Currently running version 1.0.7, history trends has been able to imprint suggestions and feedbacks into their implementation which were not at all present in their older versions. With this extension enabled, you can keep track of your affinity towards some sites. Your browsing time. Your transition type(this is explained below). You can even obtain the raw data of your history trends and make your own analysis too.

Features of History Trends

If you need raw data to perform your own analysis of the browsing trends than “export raw data” button is present which when pressured saves the raw data in a .txt file where by the data like url, type of visit(for example: typed, reload) and the number of times it was accessed remains.

You even have an advanced function to extract all of your archived history in Chrome/Chromium that is older than 3 months and import these raw data to History Trends extension and have a clean picture of the trends of the browsing history.

If you cleared all your browsing history(chrome’s browsing history), you can still recover it because you’re history trends remains safely until you uninstall History Trends extension. This becomes possible because it syncs your browsing history to a local database. Never to worry, the data or your browsing history is not sent over networks which makes this extension trust worthy thereby earning a huge crowd of users.

The basics of this extension includes opportunity to analyze on top domains/urls accessed with filter functionality attached. Busiest days. History trends also keeps track of your hour to hour history reports. The extension seems to be flexible as you have the authority to view your stats for each hour throughout the day. Visits by day in a week, month in a year or even total visits in a year can easily seen.

Transition type is the feature I like the most. Let me define a transition type before I begin. Transition type defines how a browser navigated to a url on a particular visit. Some of the valid transition types are “link”, “typed”, “auto-bookmarked”, “reload”, “form submit”, etc. Link type trasition means that the user got to a certain page through a link in some other page. Typed transition type means manually typed on the url holder. Yes, History Trender has this facility to present these data in a pie diagram which in fact is the feature I enjoy the most.

Installation of History Trends for Google Chrome


The above link should find its way to the chrome web store and point to History Trends extension. All you need to do is get it for free. This runs in a brand new tab thereby making a clear visualization. If at all the link does not show up to right location, have a fresh search on chrome web store with the keyword “History Trends” and get it installed.\

Working of History Trends Unlimited

Once you’ve got it installed, a pie diagram structured icon appears to the right top of the browser. Strike it and enjoy the statistical analysis of your history trends. In order to hide the icon, right click on the icon and select the hide button. Keep track of your activities over the web.


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