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Hola Better Internet

A scenario in absence of hola internet unblocker is presented here. Surfing internet may be a waste of time if you are not able to make most out of it. Here ‘most out of it’ refers to supremacy over all of the websites published till date. Most often we happen to encounter that some sites (for example Netflix) are unauthorized to run in some region or countries. Gone are those days to follow the instructions and find best alternative site against the one that clicked your like. At this point of time, internet has become a vast planet to explore from. But sometimes things may be close enough to vision it but much farther to get it. Phrase like this makes sense when the requested url prints out some messages like ‘not available in your country yet’ or ‘unauthorized’ onto your screen instead of loading the content of the site.

The positive integer count of the ways to fixing these issues is increasingly high. Yet, some of them fail to do the magic and some are sophisticated to get done with. What if you could do the magic that the ones mentioned previously could not. What if I say the magic lies on your fingertip. Hola Better Internet is the extension I’m covering in this post. A faster and easier extension plus effective that conduct the magic you were looking for. It is a free extension handy in the chrome web store. Its popularity may be cited analyzing the count of population depending on it for unblocking internet. Unlike any other ways to getting the website loaded without an error message, it is easy to install and get it working.

Installing hola unblocker in chrome

This one goes to the population using google chrome as their browser.

  1. Installation

The link drives you to the hola unblocker  also named as Hola Better Internet. If the link does not show up in the browser drive your bus to the chrome web store and have a fresh search with the keyword ‘Hola Better Internet’. You will find a button that reads ‘ + Free ‘ . Stress your mouse onto the button to surf the internet freely with no limits. By the time installation finishes your browser must have accommodated Hola icon at the right header of your browser.

2.   Get it working

Once you are done with the installation, you have the majestic power to get the best out of the internet. Feed in the url that’s supposed to be unauthorized in your region, hit load and let the browser deal with the server. Now click the hola extension icon that you may find on the top right of your browser. You will be asked to choose from list of countries you would like to surf from. Once you’re done with this, you owe the supremacy over the site.

Installing hola unblocker in firefox

For those users relying on Firefox for the internet experiences

  1. Installation


The above link beginning with HTTP(hypertext transfer protocol) leads you to the CNET download page for Hola Better Internet. Stress your mouse or touch pad with your fingertips when your cursor points to the green “Download Now” button and your download will begin shortly. When done, the browser will prompt you for confirming to install. With the confirmation done you are now able to explore the internet with no valid restrictions. Happy surfing.

2.   Get it working

When installation finishes, you must see the hola icon on the right top of your browser. Using this extension is same as in Chrome browser. Please refer back to “Get it working” previously explained for chrome as it is totally same as that for chrome. Enjoy using hola unblocker.

Here is the link that will give you a month’s premium hola surfing. Sign up through the link and you will get a month of premium hola unblocker.


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    Thanks for the article Bhishan .Why using a VPN when you can use a DNS service like UnoTelly? The DNS option is much faster and easier to use.

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