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I am Kathmandu. Attractions, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, casinos, cinema halls and much more in a single web application that managed to conquer the first sentence of my article. Yes, I am Kathmandu may be defined as a data center as it administers the veracious information of the above mentioned topics. Kathmandu, the heart of Nepal (capital city) itself is an open museum. I must admit, it is always the case that we tend to spend some best part of our brain to figure out the best café and bars and end up being disappointed. Thanks to the developers of ‘I am Kathmandu’ for walking that extra mile and pressuring the browser to display a wide range of bars and cafes, casinos and cinema halls, places of attraction, restaurants and even more.

Discover Kathmandu

find pubs, hotels, bars, shopping centers in Kathmandu

The beauty of the application is it is well maintained and managed. The use of google maps is highly professional. The application manages to justice its name as it covers almost every contributing element that compiles to make Kathmandu a place of attraction. Kathmandu is the best place for relaxation and fun with this app displaying onto the screen of your machine. The goal of the application is making easier for people to discover Kathmandu. The logo itself represents the home country (Nepal).The most happening pub and bars like Lasha bar, The Factory, Neon Pub are listed inside the application with some information about those places. Whether, load shedding schedule, emergency contacts, hospitals, embassies, hindu temples, church, buddist temples may also be found inside this application. I am Kathmandu has dared to accommodate veracious information regarding Golf clubs, airlines, departmental stores, cultural performances spots ,etc. A wider range of hotels to choose from 5 star to 1 star makes the application worth using amongst a dense crowd of high class to middle class family residing in Kathmandu. I would say the application can be a boon to the population of foreigners choosing Kathmandu for their holidays. Bengali, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Budget eateries, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mexican, Nepali, Newari, Tibetan and Thai restaurants may be easily sighted with a impressive google maps technology used in this application. In addition to these fascinating information, I am Kathmandu has driven Lalitpur to its menu showing the popular restaurants, hotels, departmental store and much more.  Data center of the valley would be appropriate abbreviation to this web based application. It would be injustice if I don’t mention that ‘I am Kathmandu’ has even covered hotels from cites beside Kathmandu itself. Bhaktapur, Chitwan, Daman, Dhulikhel, Lumbini, Nagarkot, Nepalgunj, Patan, Pokhara are the different cites covered by this application whose series of hotels are available in the very application.


Applications like this help the country to grow. By web application, I mean the application may be surfed either from a smart phone or tablets too. Since the application is handy therefore there is no doubt of being a failure. The application is still in progress so you may encounter problems like being unable to login but the variety of data are readily available. It is a comprehensive directory of variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos and much more. It is readily available in the webstore. Refer to the this link

Direct link to the i am kathmandu. Begin discovering.




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  1. I really appreciate developers of this application as it holds giant block of information in itself. This would bring a massive victory for them. Hope it will surely be an amazing app summarizing different groups of people into one. Well written and informative article i must say. Keep on posting, it really helps us to know something new. Thumbs Up !! for you guys.

    • Data center of Kathmandu, I would call this application. By this time I’m scared if I missed some important parts of the application. Summarizing apps like this is real tough task to deal with. Thanks Nikita for your interest and again thanks to the innovative developers of ‘I am Kathmandu’

  2. Thanks for such informative article. I can now go get a bottle of bear at finest bars in Kathmandu.

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