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Plunging into the web based application development which is vigorously extending its supremacy in the Nepalese techno industry, it would be a great pleasure to spread the name “internapply”. Similar to “I am Kathmandu”(which I have covered in the previous post), intern apply is a data location comforting reliable data regarding intern opportunities available at least in Kathmandu valley and cities around. A wise start and promisingly beneficial platform to the students seeking intern opportunities while a perfect area to hire a qualified intern to the business firms.




It is an accepted truth that Nepalese final year undergrads lag behind to find a remarkable internship whether they be a computer science or a business students. It is fairly the case that hiring an active and genuine brain as an intern is a sophisticated business to deal with. It would be no shame to unveil the fact that some undergrads end up providing their service for free in the name of intern. No doubt Nepal has high positive integer count of fresh genuine heads ready to dive into the competitive business industry, yet none has been utilized to the fullest.


Best internships are waiting for you at internapply

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InternApply manages to fill the bridge between the companies and job seekers. It is a platform that accommodates regular updates of the available jobs in Nepal. Moreover it is a community of the professional population. The summary of the job and the expectations of the employer from the employee is well briefed along with the location and a summary of the company offering the internship. To my belief this website may has been influenced by the popularity of . Danphe, Classictech, Inafi Nepal, Janakitech are some of the companies posting the job offers. The fascinating tool intern apply uses in its website is the subscribe facility through which subscribers vividly get notifications through email of new job opportunities in the town. This is a simple but amazing stuff to use in websites like this. Internapply is currently running its Beta version.


8 companies posting intern opportunities does not make it a healthy platform for helping people get intern. This could be a drawback of the website. Since it is a beta version we may hope the trend changes accommodating dozens of companies. Kijan Maharjan and Ranjana Dangol are the founders of internapply. For now let the browser find this link 🙂


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