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A true peace, an absolute divine, fresher air and infinte satisfaction is enhanced when you stand over a soil of your choice, when you release the thread that’s holding you and make your own moves in a disco or digest a volume of drink that you never thought you would. Have you been to a place where you’ve enjoyed a bottle of beer with the finest music? Have you been to a height where you smelled a fresh cold air with a vivid view of the sun? Why not recommend someone willing to enjoy their life but find no clue on how to. Why not suggest a land of peace and fresh environment to a broken heart. Lets JiggList. Let me introduce a web based social application JiggList where you may find, recommend and collaborate on list of your favorite places. You may recommed the best sunset station or find best beaches for spring vacation in jiggList.

find and recommend on best places to visit

find best places to visit

JiggList is a mobile communication platform for local recommendations from trusted network. It is a part of AngelPad Spring 2014. JiggList is a specific paltform to get recommendations on hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Yoni Livne, Gil Dantas and Rohey Livne are the founders of this promisingly benificial mobile based application JiggListfunded by Thomas Korte and Carine Magescas along with Vlad Vidican and Yoichiro Taku in the team incubated by AngelPad.


With JiggList you can not only recommend or find places of interest but also make use of the stunning collaboration feature. This feature lets you invite your friends into group list and vote and rank for a place to party or meet.

Visit the official website of JiggList here to find the recommendations on places to visit and follow JiggList on tumblr, facebook and twitter to never miss a post. Lets JiggList 🙂

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