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The emensly dense galaxy we live in has been a subject of interest amongst every skyviewers and space event followers. Estimates and research conclude that nearly 160 billion planets orbit stars in the milky way galaxy. These are called exoplanets. The high population of planets astronomers have discovered till date is all due to their daring work and dedication. This directly reflects the clean and bold effort the space associations around the world have put forward. These exoplanets are seeking some suitable name to be entitled to themselves. And the astronomers are seeking your help in positioning appropriate name to these exoplanets.

Nominate and vote for exoplanet's name

name your own planet



Nominate and vote for expoplanet’s name


Nominate and vote for exoplanet’s name. Yes you may have the authority to nominate and vote for the names of these exoplanet. Help adjust some suitable name to these discovered planets and help determine which planet names public likes best. Every nomination helps fund space research and education. It’s time to express your respect to some hero in your life or even name a planet with your secret love’s name. 🙂 The naming criteria is explained below:


1. Name must not be more than 50 characters.


2. Include letters (not only numbers).


3. It’s restricted to use anything vulger.


4. Duplication of names already present in the database is inacceptable.

You may wish to vote for the nominated name already present in the database. Your vote may determine the name of an exoplanet as with a name exceeding 1000 votes gets chance to choose a planet and name the exoplanet. This is a dream come true event. For voting or submitting your name you need to register to the site. You may make a name submission for just 9.99$ Remember the fund collected from nomination and vote for exoplanet’s name goes for the space research and education. Voting for the names already present in the database costs you 0.99$ only. Cast your vote for your favorite exoplanet’s name. As soon as your name gets listed into the database you’ll receive an email with a certificate of Planet Name Nomination (an electronic certificate).


For registration please drive your browser to this link

For casting your vote or making your submission for the exoplanet’s name visit this link

Take your chance to name planets.

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