Make a 2048 game in python – 2048 game codes in python

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2048 Game in Python

By the end of this read you will be able to make a popular game 2048 on your own. Python programming language will be used to implement the logic of the game in this tutorial.2048 is a game that reached maximum popularity in my college. This started with an email from my college’s director of academics with the header 2048 : A game to make. I choose python programming language to build 2048 game. Continue Reading

How to grab certain text from gmail using imaplib and json in python

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Grab certain text from gmail using python

I tried this sometimes a month ago. This article could help on extracting parts of an email(GMAIL). As I walk further I’ll show you how to extract a single word(basically sounds funny). I’ll be using python programming language in order to grab a word programmatically.

The background behind this program will drive me to explain about a practice in my college. Everyday we receive an email in a formatted manner which contains a word, its meaning, normal day use and an example sentence accommodating this word. The idea of extracting the word from email and saving it somewhere in the local machine came from one of my classmate’s. Continue Reading

Singha Durbar

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Singha Durbar – The Lion Palace

On Wednesday Asar 10, 1957 B.S., Chandra Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana came to the throne. As soon as he came to the power he realized the importance of a palace. He wanted to build a private residence so he bought a land at the rate of Rs. 90 per 350 ropenis. He started the construction work. At first, he wanted to build the palace for his residence only but on the process of construction it became a magnificent and lavish palace. This magnificent palace, a neo-classical architectural typical style of the 19th century was designed and built by the engineering duo Kumar Narasingh Rana and Kishor Narasingh Rana in 1903 AD. Continue Reading

NPR API Tutorial II – How to use story API to parse a story having text, audio and image from

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In this NPR API Tutorial, I’ll explain you on each line of codes to parse a complete story containing text, images and audio from using the NPR API while making queries to interface using python programming language. Have you got your npr api key? If not I’ve covered how to get it in my previous post which focuses on parsing a single text story of a specific category from Find it here. This post focuses on explaining each lines of code that we’ll use to parse a complete story containing text, audio as well as images from the Nation Public Radio’s official website. Continue Reading

VARYCODE – Convert source code online

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Convert Source Codes Online

Varycode, the home for source codes where they are molded into different languages is a web-based platform where the dense population of worldwide coders access key to various programming languages. Code in a language and clone in various could be a wise phrase for the cross platform Varycode. Different kinds of non-trusted softwares had to be installed into a device to convert codes written in one programming language to another. Building a compactly cemented bridge between the coders and programming languages, varycode stands with no fear to tackle the source codes and convert them to a desired language. Fact be printed onto the monitor, the huge mass of programmers stressed google to find the best software to convert source codes between different languages which in fact contributed a lot to load a bunch of biological worms into it’s trousers making it restless and keep searching. Continue Reading

NPR API Tutorial – How to use the NPR API to parse a story of any topics from website

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NPR API Tutorial

NPR (National Public Radio) has been providing apikeys to public in order to attract people to code and build applications that uses NPR’s application programming interface. This is a tutorial on how to use the NPR api to parse a story of any topics from website. Python programming language would be my priority in this npr api tutorial. Continue Reading

JiggList – Find and recommend list of favorite places

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A true peace, an absolute divine, fresher air and infinte satisfaction is enhanced when you stand over a soil of your choice, when you release the thread that’s holding you and make your own moves in a disco or digest a volume of drink that you never thought you would. Have you been to a place where you’ve enjoyed a bottle of beer with the finest music? Have you been to a height where you smelled a fresh cold air with a vivid view of the sun? Why not recommend someone willing to enjoy their life but find no clue on how to. Why not suggest a land of peace and fresh environment to a broken heart. Lets JiggList. Let me introduce a web based social application JiggList where you may find, recommend and collaborate on list of your favorite places. You may recommed the best sunset station or find best beaches for spring vacation in jiggList. Continue Reading

Name exoplanets – Nominate and vote for exoplanet’s name

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The emensly dense galaxy we live in has been a subject of interest amongst every skyviewers and space event followers. Estimates and research conclude that nearly 160 billion planets orbit stars in the milky way galaxy. These are called exoplanets. The high population of planets astronomers have discovered till date is all due to their daring work and dedication. This directly reflects the clean and bold effort the space associations around the world have put forward. These exoplanets are seeking some suitable name to be entitled to themselves. And the astronomers are seeking your help in positioning appropriate name to these exoplanets.

Nominate and vote for exoplanet's name

name your own planet



Nominate and vote for expoplanet’s name


Nominate and vote for exoplanet’s name. Yes you may have the authority to nominate and vote for the names of these exoplanet. Help adjust some suitable name to these discovered planets and help determine which planet names public likes best. Every nomination helps fund space research and education. It’s time to express your respect to some hero in your life or even name a planet with your secret love’s name. 🙂 The naming criteria is explained below:


1. Name must not be more than 50 characters.


2. Include letters (not only numbers).


3. It’s restricted to use anything vulger.


4. Duplication of names already present in the database is inacceptable.

You may wish to vote for the nominated name already present in the database. Your vote may determine the name of an exoplanet as with a name exceeding 1000 votes gets chance to choose a planet and name the exoplanet. This is a dream come true event. For voting or submitting your name you need to register to the site. You may make a name submission for just 9.99$ Remember the fund collected from nomination and vote for exoplanet’s name goes for the space research and education. Voting for the names already present in the database costs you 0.99$ only. Cast your vote for your favorite exoplanet’s name. As soon as your name gets listed into the database you’ll receive an email with a certificate of Planet Name Nomination (an electronic certificate).


For registration please drive your browser to this link

For casting your vote or making your submission for the exoplanet’s name visit this link

Take your chance to name planets.

writefull – Enhance your writings

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Bloggers, professional writers, authors, reporters, editors or even dormant writer, if you represent anyone amongst those mentioned above then you are a boon to the human civilization. Your writings withstand the celestial power to inspire, enlighten and energize the wide spread population of readers. The primary priority for any writer is to write in a way their readers can understand, interpret and visualize. Writing is like a flood of river where your words defines its velocity and your imagination and knowledge discover new paths. Fact be printed onto the monitor, for a writer to write in a professional way is a tiresome job. Most often it is the case that we strike Google to find appropriate synonyms and usable phrase and sit back to write. By the time we find some interesting word to adjust into our article the writing mode of our brain manages to find the sky above our head. It’s annoying, isn’t it? Continue Reading

quickly python tutorial – Working with GUI

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In this post I will try to touch upon fundamentals of GUI while developing a traditional rock paper scissors game. This one solely goes for the ubuntu system users. Some prior experience with python or any programming language would be helpful. I will be using quickly, an ubuntu app development command line tool for this. If you have not got one, get it from the ubuntu software center. Strike “quickly” on your typing machine while the cursor blinks on the search bar of the ubuntu software center to get it. Get it installed.
You’ ll need one additonal gui builder for this. Glade Continue Reading