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US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Netherlands. Your country may be the next one they’re migrating to. “The Bears”, they’re everywhere. By the end of this read you’ll have a reliable application, providing VPN service with active set of engineers willing to take complaints/feedbacks and generate solution superfast. As soon as you begin tunneling (using TunnelBear) you acquire the hegemony over the internet. TunnelBear is an absolute gift for those people with privacy concerns. In fact to each one of us, privacy is the priority at least at this date. I don’t want my information to go viral, find some company and generate money for them. Some of the services on the go available on the internet are literally selling user’s information. TunnelBear is the application I rely on and recommend my readers for secure browsing with minimal connection issues. Using TunnelBear you are capable of accessing webpages from anywhere around the globle. Since some of the websites as well as webapps are limited to certain regions based upon censorship, governmental issues and policies, this very application can help to securely browse the open internet from anywhere without restrictions. For example with the power of TunnelBear installed on your device you can rest your weight onto a couch, enjoy a comedy movie with a bucket of popcorn on Netflix. Isn’t that cool? As you proceed further through this writing you will learn about VPN, VPN implementation in TunnelBear, why are they different from other VPN service providers, how to get it installed, plans and pricing, supported platforms, how to use it, features and much more.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryptions. VPN service providers do this by setting up their servers in different locations. When you don’t use VPN service, the url request goes to the server corresponding to the domain directly and your computer’s ip is located by the server. If and only if your ip is within a region that can access the website, you get opportunity to surf that content, else you get an error message(which is annoying). When your device uses some VPN service provider’s products your request is sent to their servers(set up in different locations) and then the request is proceeded to the respective domain’s server from their (vpn company’s) port and you get a healthy opportunity to access the web even if you’re in a restricted region. Since your ip and location is altered by the VPN service provider, you remain safe while jumping into the forest of domains.

TunnelBear VPN service

At this moment tunnelbear have their active servers in more than 10 countries including US and Canada. The number of countries may rise while you finish reading this article meaning they are on their way to some countries like Spain. You can even vote for a country i.e they provide more respect to their users and rely on their votes to set up their servers to the highest voted country which I think is cool. At TunnelBear you can option to access the webpages from the list of the available countries. Remember when you choose the country that’s located far from your current location you may experience a slower internet connection but not that slow(I’ve checked). When you’re using tunnelbear you are no longer public. You anonymously surf the internet without anyone’s knowledge where you are from. If your tunnelbear is activated and you request for contents of certain url, the request heads to the server setup by tunnelbear of the country you choose to surf  from.

Installation of TunnelBear VPN

Currently TunnelBear officially offers their service for Windows OS, Mac OSX, iOS(IPhone, IPad, IPOD touch), Android and Linux. Ready to tunnel? Lets go J . Click the link below (picture).

It shall(I mean will) drive you to the download page. Click Download. Instruction should be understandable. The file size is less than 13 megabytes. The first time you launch the application after installation, you will be asked for your email address and password. In order to create a new account, follow the instructions below:

1. Click the “I don’t have a TunnelBear account” button and click next present somewhere near the lower right section.

2. Enter your information viz. FirstName, LastName, email, Password. When done click next.

3. As soon as your account has been created you will receive a confirmation email. Do check your email and click “verify my account”.

4. Input your credentials in the TunnelBear application and begin tunneling.

Plans and Pricings 

The Little Bear

All you need to do is signup. It’s free. 500 mb of free data each and every month. InteliiBear feature is absent in this plan. In order to boost up your data you can tweet about TunnelBear to get 1GB of data for free. You can tweet each month to get 1 GB data meaning if you tweet this month then you can always tweet the following month to get your free data. If you’ve not yet clicked the link provided in the installation section, visit the link below to get this plan.

The Giant Bear

The Giant Bear provides unlimited tunneling for a month with all the features included. You can buy a giant bear plan for your PC or Mac and you get unlimited tunneling for two additional mobile devices. The Giant Bear plan will cost you 4.99$ for a month.

The Grizzly Bear

There is no difference between the giant bear and the grizzly bear as such but this plan lasts for a year. Like the giant bear, this plan will allows you unlimited tunneling for a PC/MAC and two additional mobile devices. The Grizzly Bear will save you 17% at a total for a year costing 49.99$ per year.

Features of TunnelBear

1. Switch between 9 countries (at this instance) and surf anonymously.

2. IntelliBear I assume that you’ve installed the reliable VPN application TunnelBear. There always remains cases when you want to tunnel(anonymously surf) some websites and not others. In order to activate IntelliBear feature in your TunnelBear you must have a giant or greezy account (explained above.) Click the gear button at the lower right of your application window and click on settings. This will take you to a new window. Find the IntelliBear tab and click on it. You will have two options. You can either tunnel (hide yourself) for the list of websites you specify in there or you can tunnel (hide yourself) for all the websites except the ones you specify there. This is a cool feature I like the most and I’m sure you will like it too.

3. Vigilant Vigilant may be considered to be more of a security feature. Whenever TunnelBear is connecting or reconnecting, when enabled this features assures no leak of data. You won’t be connected to the domain but will get a message that tunnelbear is connecting therefore you are insecure to surf the content. You can find this feature by going to the gear option and selecting settings. Under the generals tab, you will get to check mark(or not ) the vigilant feature.

4. TCP Override You can find this option by going to the gear option and selecting the settings option in your application. This also lies in the general tab. By checking this option you may experience a slower connection while this can be beneficial for unreliable connections and non-trusty websites.

5. Maul Tracker When enabled blocks all the ads while surfing the internet. You can enable this by clicking the privacy button on the main window of your application and you get to on/off this feature as your wish.

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