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Varycode, the home for source codes where they are molded into different languages is a web-based platform where the dense population of worldwide coders access key to various programming languages. Code in a language and clone in various could be a wise phrase for the cross platform Varycode. Different kinds of non-trusted softwares had to be installed into a device to convert codes written in one programming language to another. Building a compactly cemented bridge between the coders and programming languages, varycode stands with no fear to tackle the source codes and convert them to a desired language. Fact be printed onto the monitor, the huge mass of programmers stressed google to find the best software to convert source codes between different languages which in fact contributed a lot to load a bunch of biological worms into it’s trousers making it restless and keep searching.

C#, Python, VB, JAVA, RUBY, BOO are the available programming languages to varycode. Currently python, ruby and boo are available as target languages while C#, VB and JAVA are fairly available as either a source language or target language. Varycode is a wise concept as it works to provide individuals with the functionality to switch between languages for a given piece of code. Varycode comes in different plans and pricing and people are provided with the option for pay according to the use packages. The free version of varycode may be accessed without the stress to signup for varycode. The limitations of the free version is that the code amount is confined to some 2048 to 4096 characters conversion at a time with lower priority. Junior plan comes with the payment of 20$ per month with the ease to convert 64 mb of codes monthly assigned as a normal priority plan for varycode. 256 mb of codes may be switched between six languages available till date with high priority in the senior plan for 60$ per month as mentioned in varycode’s website. The highest priority plan is named as Guru which accomodates unlimited code conversionseveryday for a month with a payment of 180$.

Varycode lets you convert source code online

Convert source code between multiple languages

Varycode does not completely claim that the codes generated after conversion is a 100% true outcome because various functionalities in one programming language may be missing in the other and it is basically not a one way automated job meaning it needs some human attention too. Let me share the words of the founder of Varycode, Dmitry Shaurin who says :

Converting any programming language into another one is a complex task that eventually may have more than a few solutions. It’s definitely much more complicated than just adding or removing semicolons and curly braces. Most of programming languages have features that are not comprised in other ones. Due to core differences and complexities, some exceptional types of functionality are really hard to simulate and implement anywhere else — various mechanisms ofDLL loading and linking, for example, might become a real challenge in implementing in automatic converters.

Using varycode is damn simple. Just go to the converter tab and you will find two columns, one for the source code and another the targeted section. You may paste the code into the left column and specify which language it is written in or wait for the auto detect function to find it. Before you proceed to convert the code in varycode’swebsite you need to choose the output language and simply trigger the convert button provided. Once done you may download the new source code in completely different language. The founder of varycode has made a clear point that the number of languages available may vary with time and the functionality will be much more advanced in upcoming days. Therefore keep calm and varycode here.

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