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Bloggers, professional writers, authors, reporters, editors or even dormant writer, if you represent anyone amongst those mentioned above then you are a boon to the human civilization. Your writings withstand the celestial power to inspire, enlighten and energize the wide spread population of readers. The primary priority for any writer is to write in a way their readers can understand, interpret and visualize. Writing is like a flood of river where your words defines its velocity and your imagination and knowledge discover new paths. Fact be printed onto the monitor, for a writer to write in a professional way is a tiresome job. Most often it is the case that we strike Google to find appropriate synonyms and usable phrase and sit back to write. By the time we find some interesting word to adjust into our article the writing mode of our brain manages to find the sky above our head. It’s annoying, isn’t it?


Writefull is an application designed for writers. This application gives you suggestions and feedbacks on your writings. You are free to check the popularity of your selected chunk in the database. Compare the number of results and find the best chunk to fit into your article. You even withstand the option to see examples in context or find words in context when you’re confused. Writefull comes for Windows* and MacOSX* in two versions, paid and free. The free Google Books edition uses the English Google Books database whereas the paid Web edition uses the internet. It may be referred to be writing assistant that works with a small popover on Mac and pop-up-window  on Windows. Once installed you may wish to pin it to the status menu on Mac and taskbar on Windows OS. You’ll need to register via email and activate your edition by visiting the link you find in your inbox. The free edition comes with “English” language enabled whereas the paid edition accommodates some 30 languages. Internet connectivity is must while using any of these two editions.

Activating Writefull Window

If you’re using MacOSX, the writefull popover can be activated in two ways:

Make a selection of the word or phrase with the mouse while pressing (Shift+Cmd)


Make a selection with the mouse or keyboard, and then press (Ctrl+Space)

If you wish to quit, you may close the popover by clicking outside or by pressing the (esc)

If you’re using Windows, the writefull pop-up-window can be activated by the following way:

Make a selection using keyboard or mouse, and then press (Ctrl+Space)

If you wish to quit you may click somewhere outside the pop-up-window.

Features of writefull and how to use them

  1. 1.      Check the number of results

This option shows you how often the selected chunk appears in the database. This gives you an idea on how well your article is written. Higher count of results may be analyzed as good sign for your article while the lower results may be a feedback on changing the phrase or chunk used. It is the left most icon or the icon similar to an eye.

  1. 2.      Compare the number of results

With this option you may compare the number of results of your selection to the number of results for another chunk. This can be a kind of suggestion on which one to use in your writing. This option is represented by the double eye icon probably the second one from the left.


  1. 3.      See examples in context

The third tool from the left with square lines icon owns the power to print the examples of your selection in different context. This gives you examples on how to use your chunk in a sentence.

  1. 4.      Find words in context

This option gives you insights on which words are used most often in a ‘gap’ in your selection. This one is a little trickly. You need to indicate the gap with a star(*). This can be much more helpful when you get stuck in middle of your writing. Example on how to use it: It is perfectly * to

Make the above selection and stress onto the forth option on the pop-over or pop-up-window and you’ll get a list of possible phrases.


  1. 5.      Find synonym in context

The last option of the writefull is for the synonym selection. It gives you a list of synonyms that may be preferred to use instead of a word you mark in your selection. This one is also slight tricky. You have to mark a word by enclosing it with two stars(*word*). Fact be reveled this function comes handy only in the Google books edition of writefull.


Writefull needs active internet for its use and the size of the file is almost 18 megabytes which makes this stuff quite a bit boring. The number of words that can be selected at a time is limited to five which makes this application’s function limited. Whatever be the drawbacks of writefull, it may still be considered as a wise application or even taken as a writing assistant. Here’s a link from where you may download writefull for Windows and MacOSX



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    I’m into writing. Not been much but i love to write. Thanks for introducing the application. I’ll get it soon on my MAC.

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  4. Hey, this is Joshep. Read your article and installed the writefull app in my device and now it seems that I never use it. I found this app useless.

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